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31 Days of Fright - Day 3: Underworld: Awakening

Some horror movies aren't so much "horror" as they are what I call "horror+". That is to say, horror and something else. Movies with horror tropes, but they blend the genre a bit. Sometimes it's a horror/thriller, a murder case with a mix of ghosts. Or a horror/romance, but let's never mention Twilight again, ok? And sometimes, we have horror/action, which is all fight and gore and mayhem and sex appeal. And that's tonight's particular flavor in Underworld: Awakening.

Maybe you can tell already that I am a little partial to this blend. I mean, action PLUS gore? That's basically a movie video game, how can I not love it? And this number is right up that alley, and then some. Want to see a werewolf with it's head ripped in two? It's got that. A man folded in half backwards? Sure. Matrix level cgi fighting? Of course.

What we have here is the 4th movie in a series that started as a vampire/werewolf Romeo and Juliet, but without anyone sparkling. The first two followed that thread of doomed supernatural lovers in modern times, and the prequel brought that back about 800 years. But the 4th? Out the window! We're going to follow Kate Beckinsale's character (the only reason people watch these films) and leave Whoshisface pretty much out of the loop. Instead, we have a preteen daughter of the couple, and a society with both of the supernatural communities on the brink of extinction.

You see, humans have discovered vampires and werewolves, and within minutes have come up with the UV/Silver bullet combo to take out the whole population. In what the movie shows as "The Purge", military police start going door to door to test everyone, killing the "infected" execution style. This decimates the population, because apparently vampires and werewolves no longer have super powers because plothole. Seriously, don't care how many bullets you have, monsters moving at super speed with super strength aren't going to get wiped out overnight, which is what we have here. At least show them putting up a fight damnit. And don't get me started on how I still think this series has the design for werewolves totally wrong. They look more like lizards than wolves, when the hell have you seen a slimy wolf in anyone's lifetime ever?

But honestly? Who cares. This is for fight scenes and gore. People get torn in half, have their throats torn out, are dropped from impossible heights. There is blood, blood, and more blood. This movie is not for the squimish.  But I sure as hell enjoyed it.

~Jones Out

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    DBKJones - DBKJones - 31 Days of Fright - Day 3: Underworld: Awakening
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    DBKJones - DBKJones - 31 Days of Fright - Day 3: Underworld: Awakening

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