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Demolition Man

Oh damn. This, this I need to add to my tool set. I mean, I'm not a tool guy by any stretch. I have tons of tiny screwdrivers for dealing with the tiny screws you find in building computers. I have a few normal sized screwdrivers, and a hammer of course. But THIS:

I NEED this. I did a peice on the Halligan Bar way back when, which is essentially this, but more expensive and with less features. Though I do think that had a pick axe on it (yeah, I'll wait a second and let that sink in). But this? Single piece of forged steel construction. Hammer strike head with a ripping section. A wrench section. Pry bar and nail puller. A full 30" in length and 8.5lbs for full swinging power fun.

How could this get any better? Oh, wait, there is a "Forced Entry" version with more features, made from a single piece of heat resistant alluminium? And it was designed specifically for emergency responders to break into vehicles and buildings in emergency situations?


~Jones Out


Give Us The Tools, and We Will Finish The Job

So, had to disappear the site for a bit while testing another. Can't say it won't happen again, this is my own personal play space after all.

Anyway, I'm gonna start a little series here, if only to just gather my thoughts, on the possible tools I would use or need for any sort of future events. Basically, a gathering of what would go into my own personal utility belt (or satchel, some things don't minaturize well). So let's get started with something useful:

The Haligan Bar

Basically, the end all be all in GTFO gear. Pry something open? Done. Door needs to come down? Cakewalk. Wall that is in the way? Take it down.

Seriously, this is some pretty solid end of the world gear. If society collapses due to say, Zombies, don't you think this would be a great thing to have, both from an escaping stand point and a skull bashing stanpoint? Either the lighter, faster titanium, or the heavier steel alloy ones for more power, this tool would be a post apocalyptic dream.

The way I think about it, the US army has an entrenching tool it uses for hand-to-hand combat and digging holes. In this day and age though, trenches aren't very useful, since front lines are always changing and the world is increasingly more urban. That said, a hand-to-hand tool that can be used to remove baricades seems the logical replacement. Add a sharp cutting part to the edge of the bar and you've got a terrible, mighty tool.

~Jones Out