Pizza Pied

So. People order a lot of pizza.

Now I'm hungry.

~Jones Out


Kind Words

I wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and kind words. It's been a difficult time, and I can't really even begin to explain what I'm feeling on a daily basis, but the overwhelming support of friends and family has been humbling to say the least. My father was cursed with being well-liked, and it seems he passed that along to the rest of us among other things.

So from the bottom of whatever damned object serves as my heart nowadays, I want to thank you. I appreciate everything you've all said and done, and it's really meant a lot to all of the family as well.

My dad would stare me down though if I attempted to wallow in sadness over this though. I have jobs to do and irreverance to spread. So I'm going to try to move forward with life, celebrating Father Time's life rather than mourning. So, back to silly videos and dumb statuses.

I'll be fine. Really. But thanks.

~Jones Out


Rest In Peace Dad

Yesterday my father passed away.

For those who were unaware, my dad had a stroke a few months ago. During tests to discover the cause of the stroke, the doctors found a mass in his lungs. Lung Cancer. They initially gave him 1-2 months left, but decided to try and treat it with localized radiation. They thought it worked. He got past 2 months.

They found another mass, on his liver, and another, in his finger. It was Stage 4 Cancer. There was nothing they could do. He came home from the hospital on Wednesday for in home hospice where he was in high spirits. Thursday came and he was tired. By Friday, he was sleeping all day, and it was difficult to wake him. Yesterday was...worse.

By noon the majority of his family was here. My mother's brothers and their wives, his kids and grandkids. He went, surrounded by loved ones of every generation. I knew it's how he would have wanted it.

The cruelty in all of this is the fact that, for every major event such as this he was the one I turned to for advice. He's supposed to tell me how to get through this, how to comfort everyone. Now I'm on my own.

I pulled out the bottle of Jim Beam and a few beers for everyone. It's what he would have done.

We cried, drank, talked, planned. Everyone sharing a bit of misery together. We comforted each other. We said our goodbyes. We began the process to make arrangements. We did the best we could.

My mom insisted we all go out to dinner. It's what he would have done.

We told stories of him, long drawn out stories full of detail and laughter. The way he had taught us all to tell them. We argued, we ate, we drank, we celebrated in his honor. We did not acknowledge the tears we knew would come again. The greatest man I'd ever know was lost to us, but we did things exactly how he would have wanted.

I told him once that I would find no greater success in life than to become half the man he was. His response was "You'd settle for half?"

Not anymore Dad. I won't settle. You were an amazing father, advisor, mentor, and friend to me, and I won't ruin that by settling. I'll live up to our name. I'll do my best to take care of mom and the family.

I've got this. But, you knew that didn't you?

~Jones Out



It's Team America, but in real life!

I love superheroes, but this is pretty awesome

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Just to harp on the bad launch

I lol'd

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