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Bucket List: Storm Chasing

So did anyone ever see that movie "Twister"? You know, the one with tornados (as if the name didn't give it away).

How cool would it be to do that just once. To literally stare down the worst the Mother Nature has to throw at us, and instead of running and hiding, chasing. I'm not really a weather guy (I'm happiest on sunny, warm days, no clouds in the skies). But there is something about the idea of throwing down the challenge gauntlet to one of the most destructive natural forces that brings out a primal sense of excitment in me.

My lizard brain is somewhat twisted I guess.

They actually do offer storm chasing vacation adventure packages, where they train you and then take you out with experianced storm chasers. And that's pretty awesome because otherwise my chances of surviving this kind of adventure are rock bottom. 

But come on, how cool would it be to see this in person?

That seems worth the risk to me.

~Jones Out

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